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Diesel Mini

This is my Diesel powered street legal minibike. The frame is much larger than a standard minibike frame. The company who made it designed them to be adult sized. I used the smallest version of a Chinese made Yanmar clone that came with 40watt lighting coil and electric start. Transmission is handled by a 20 series Comet torque converter with one of the driver unit springs removed to help it to shift up sooner thus taking advantage of the low-end torque that a diesel puts out. Top speed is 40mph. 4.80X8'' wheels, minibike brakes with Chevy water pump pulleys for brake drums. 165 U.S. MPG.

Mike in Portland, OR
street-legal diesel minibike
You-Tube link here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAy8DrojAuQ
I also built the Scootmaster and 59 Allstate elsewhere on this site.

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