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CB750 Chopper

side view of CB750 Chopper
I built this Honda chopper over my last year of seminary on a $800 budget to get my head out of books, I then rode it 2500 miles this summer before putting it up on blocks in a warehouse until I get back from being a missionary in Nigeria. What can I say, even the stereotypes of Pastors aren't all true. The frame is a hard tail with the rear shocks cut apart and modified into solid struts that bolt on behind the gas tank, the fender is utility trailer and the exhaust i sliced off because it was to rusted to stay attached by itself. The rear headlight is from tractor supply in Indiana and the electronics and switches are all in a plastic radio shack box bolted on top of the engine.
The bikes name is 'Genevere'.
    Rev Paul Liepelt - now in Mubi, Nigeria

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