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Milo's 1970 FL

This is a 1970 FL ex California Highway Patrol bike, bought by Milo Anderson in 1975. By Milo's admission, it was a bright and shiney bike untill 1980. That was the last time he washed it, this is how it looked when he rode into West Bend WI, during the harley 100th in Milwaukee Wi.
Milo lives in Oregon, drove to sturgis, then back to Oregon, then out to Milwaukee, just this month alone (August 2003)
He proudly stated that it has never been trailered, being ridden untill brokedown, and repairing it where it died. hope you like these pix!
Milo's 1970 FL
Milo showed up to the Milwaukee 100th, riding (of course) from Oregon, after going home for a few days from sturgis just this month. When he tried to park his bike on the full shut down street, one cop said "no its full" and his superior officer said "MAKE ROOM FOR THIS ONE"!!! He became an instant celebrity in town, drawing more of a crowd than any of the spitshine bikes or even the 40's mint bike with only 3000 miles on it.
When i told him about your site, he declared that his bike needs to be on it, and I ran home to get the camera. Milo is sitting on the bike in one pic, and apperently has pictures taken everywhere he goes.
    Dave in West Bend, WI
proud rider windshield
click for full size
front rear

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